Motivational preachin’

Another snowy day in Finland (yes, in May), I found myself indoors working on yet another album, and these thoughts just came out and I spewed them out on my Facebook page.
So, here’s the copy+paste of the stream!
Find your calling and follow it as far as you can take it, give it all you got, and I promise you will experience a life of fulfillment and not have one boring day since.
You just need to be able to go through some “trouble” to get somewhere in your field, but I guarantee the results and how good it feels will be tenfold compared to the effort it took, and you’ll look back and realize you wouldn’t have it any other way from there on. And it’s about a journey you can enjoy anyways. You just gotta take the first steps and you’ll be on your way.
Surround yourself with everything that relates to your craft. Don’t settle for less than what you want. Lose the people in your life who contribute negatively to your goals; drop the friends who question you and friends who lack goals and motivation. Get out of the “same shit, different day” circle. Don’t let your close people’s or spouse’s or whoever’s choices determine the steps YOU should take – it’s only you who can set your own goals.
Turn down unnecessary noise and concentrate on what matters to you. Fuck TV and mindless social media.
Me, I “follow” very few people on socials, but the ones I do inspire me in a way or another all the time. Seeing a producer get his morning coffee in Brooklyn and head to his studio all amped to work on new beats, that’s the shit I want and NEED to see. Somebody dancing her ass off because that’s what makes her happy is what drives me to do the same in my own field today. Somebody makes music, somebody runs a successful business, somebody drops tips on how he made it, etc…I love seeing it, and that’s fuel for my fire. I barely need to see anything else. It doesn’t even have to be my field, but seeing people who are hell-bent about their thing inspires me a ton, and let me tell you, it can inspire you, too…you just gotta get yourself to the right wavelength and that’ll take your to the right direction immediately.
What made me say this?
Firstly, today was another day I was hoping to be warm, but alas, it was snowing, so I wanted to make the best of it and realized yet another album is getting closer to being finished, and for a moment I realized it’s still the best damn thing I still have, by far, even if I lived in the middle of the north pole. If I didn’t have that, shit, I dunno what, man.
Secondly, I’m saying this because every now and then I sit down for a moment and realize, I don’t even want to think what I’d be doing or how I’d be if I hadn’t picked up music one day and stuck to my guns for some 25+ years now even though it’s been questioned more than once, let me tell ya. There’s been moments when I felt I’m the only person who believes in what I do, but that was all I needed. If I had listened to others’ suggestions, I’d be doing something else. I don’t even want to think what or how I’d feel about those choices.
So, my friends…this is the path I’d like to encourage you take. Follow your dreams…for that is the food for the soul.