new fatgyver album out

My new album is out today: “Small Songs That My Samplers Sing”. It’s out via Phatventures.
Find links here.

It’s a hip hop album that explores vibes of classic boom bap and funk, samples film noir, a movie which I think ranks among the best movies ever made, rare Japanese records…and a whole lot more.
There’s also two tracks that see me get away from sampling, and they’re more instrument-based. Can you tell which one?

If you want to pick it up from Bandcamp and support my shit, please do – there’s tapes and digital available. Also streaming, if you don’t want to pay.

I thought that in a way maybe now is not the best time spam your shit or celebrate a birthday…but then again, things have to go on as usual, which at least to me is a consolation in a way.

Hope you like it, and thanks for all support.
For the next 24 hours or so, Bandcamp is waiving its fees, so it’s a decent time to make a purchase if you’ve considered it.