New Metalheadz EP out

Today is a very special day, as my second release, “Legacy” EP, on Metalheadz is out via all arenas:
Feeling honored beyond words to have the greatest DNB label in the history to stand behind what I do.
They’ve been inspiring me for 25 years – crazy!
Ice-cold breakworks is the name of the game. If breakbeats, low basslines and a hint of that “otherness” you heard in 90s Metalheadz stuff is your thing, chances are it might resonate in you.
Massive thanks to Goldie, Ant, and Tom @ Headz for their love and guidance, and also hats off to my trusted art guy Lonekink for nailing the art to match the music.
PS: Also did a mix for the Metalheadz show on Rinse FM this week (see earlier post).