Lesson prep material: Ableton bass sound design

Alright, dear students – and lovers of techy DNB basses – so let’s do something different.
I will soon post a video about how to do some very techy Ableton Operator basses heard in tunes such as Quartz’s “Blacklist“.

However, before that, I want to prep you for it!
A good student is also curious, and I’ve always wanted to raise that curiosity, because that is what makes you dig these things and learn techniques of your own instead of only absorbing material/info.
(Btw, anyone had those annoying teachers at school that showed you a bunch of text which you had to write down, AND they were telling you about it at the same time? So you learnt very little, as it’s hard for us to focus on two things at the same time, such as writing AND listening/understanding).

 🗂 Grab the set with Operator basses here (compatible with Ableton Live 11 🗂

(Feel free to use and/mod those basses if you want!)

It has three different, very techy Operator bass sounds where there’s bit of this and that happening. Check out the sounds and see if you can figure out how they are made and what is happening. I know they may be slightly overcooked but they’re also easy to tame!
So, there will be a video soon and I’ll run you thru it, teaching how to do these techy basses, and once you learn the technique, it is very malleable so you can roll your own very easily.

(I used to be a teacher in a respected school, and prepping students for the upcoming topic was important, so hey, for the first time ever, I am doing it on Patreon, before flooding them with info)