Phatventures news + free album mix download

Some Phatventures​ news ya’ll.
If you didn’t know, Phatventures is my new label for hip hop.

1) The continuous Helsinkinstrumentals album “mix” is now freely downloadable thru my Soundcloud (see a link).
If you missed it, it’s my second hip hop full-length that was released on tape and digital earlier this year.
The album can be bought at

2) Phatventures will start a podcast, Phatcast, soon. Expect tons of good beats and influences.
To follow Phatventures on Mixcloud:

3) The next FatGyver album will come out on Phatventures.
12″ vinyl LP. Tons of beats and sampledelia. Later this year or early next year: I’m currently doing final editing, and then it’ll be time to contact the Timmion vinyl heads in Helsinki for a test vinyl cut.
I *may* do a tape thing to go along with the wax. Digi, too.

4) There’ll be t-shirts. MPC 60 and SP 1200 t-shirts.

Stay dope.