New Fanu 12″ on Straight-Up Breakbeat OUT NOW


New Fanu jungle/D&B 12″ on Straight Up Breakbeat is OUT NOW.

Vinyl and digital
Digital at Fanu Bandcamp

The reason I’m so happy about this is that the label is run by a person who’s to a large extent one of the main reasons I actually became a DNB fan/producer/DJ in the first place.
DJ Dizzy is the man behind the label; he’s one of the first Finnish DNB DJs and a true pioneer.
It was his radioshows that I was listening to around mid-90s as I was living in the woods in the countryside. I was listening to the recordings of his radioshows to no end, thinking the music and the way it was mixed was the coolest thing I had ever heard. That really made me get into the music myself. In 2000, I moved to Helsinki and bought myself a pair of Technics turntables and started getting more seriously into production, having done it for around 8 years at that point. Honestly, without his radioshows, my experience of DNB in the rural areas would’ve been way more limited.
So hats off to ODJ Dizzy for doing this – and trust me, there is WAY more music in this vein lined up, so make sure to follow the label…you’re in for a true treat if DNB and jungle of this aesthetics is your thing (I’m also happy to be doing the audio engineering for the label).
Stoked to be witnessing this newly-rebooted label that was born in 2000, as its future looks very, very promising music-wise.