Tools of the trade part 2

Tools of the trade part 2.

This is from an electronic project done for a good vocalist.

• The Universal Audio SSL strip is working as a gate, eliminating plosives from the vocal tracks.
• The two compressors below it, LA-3A and LA2A, are my trusted vocal track levelers. If you need it, you can also introduce some lively distortion to the vocal and even go towards “radio voice” if you really push them.
• Soundradix Surfer EQ is tracking the low-mid boominess on the vocal track just a little bit, cutting out the “boxiness”, following the pitch of the vocal. Can’t do that with a regular EQ.
• The UAD Moog low-pass filter…this was a wildcard. The artist felt that the song should be slightly “tamed” compared to her earlier stuff, so I suggested cutting out the highs of the beat, so you’re mostly hearing the kick and only the lows of the snare. She loved it. I don’t always go and do creative solutions, but I wanted to help her get closer to the idea.
• Slate Digital LLC reverb on vocals. Love this thing, just like all Slate stuff. Lush lush! And there’s a lot of variety. Went for a very short one here to create a little feeling of space…just a touch to liven it up.
• FabFilter Pro-C with low-end “sidechained” away was used on the drum bus; the snare was a bit low, and what I always do in those cases is use the compressor with long enough attack setting so it won’t crush the kick transients, and then just pull threshold down till it starts touching the snare, and you know you’re leveling the kick down nicely. This resulted in a more even level with kick and snare more “glued” in the drum bus.
• Tokyo Dawn Records Nova is doing dynamic EQing on low mids, as the song had a bit too much of them. Easy, handy. Love it (my other absolutely dynamic fave EQ is MeldaProduction MAutoDynamicEQ, which I do recommend highly).
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