(yeah, correct, it is a bike in that pic – I took it outside the house an hour ago…we’ve got some snow here!)

So wanted to do a quick update on things to come and what’s been.
You may have noticed I’ve been slightly silent here.
Well, reason is, I was rrrreally fecking sick with some monsterous influenza for a while. Didn’t leave home for 10 days and I didn’t know I could cough like that, and hearing was going in and out on some days.
Was smashing the most urgent end-of-year client work, though because I was hell-bent on kicking off a 2.5-week holiday today, Dec 14, and hey here I am, first thing I’m, dropping you guys this update!
(I had planned to do a nice video in December by now, but the influenza canceled those plans)

📽 A DAW walkthru video of a much-requested Metalheadz song of mine will come out this month (Dec) 📽

Want to drop a nice Xmas present your way!
Will go thru the song, structure, plugins, samples, and all that.
I’ll drop you some samples to DL as well…you know how we do!

Another thing I’ll want to do this holiday is a post about the most horrible DJing experiences (also relating to traveling for those gigs). I’ve had a top 10 list about those for a good while, and been waiting for the right moment to write about them.
I promise it’ll be funny and slightly horrible and I want you guys to read it.

More will come, as always – can’t reveal anything 😉

What else?
I just got the release date for my next Metalheadz EP. Can’t announce yet, but it’s not far. Full art sleeve 4-tracker vinyl (digital has a bonus track, so five there).

I’ll start a monthly DJ stream via Twitch soon (link to my channel), or maybe even bi-monthly.
I did a test stream in July and I really liked that, and interaction was good (the archive is here on Patreon and can also be found on the mixes page on my website).
Been DJing for 20 years and this’ll be an extension of that passion!
Already looking like there’s 3 gigs for 2023 in the pipeline, which is encouraging!

What’s everybody looking forward to doing on holidays?

Me, will put the finishing touches on two albums of mine. Those albums will provide tons of Patreon content…videos, samples and all that 😉
Will be hitting the outdoor gym, too, believe it or not, haha.
Remember, I’m a Finn!
There’s also a Source Direct remix in the works, gotta work on some new breaky house stuff for Goldie and so on.

Thanks to everybody for sticking around…so next, expect the Metalheadz video next week, before Xmas!