[video] Breakbeat masterclass: Rock Dirge

If you’re interested in breakbeat work, this video on Patreon should be up your alley.
I took a breakbeat I’ve been working recently and I’m going thru that.
Covering some of the basics like how I chop, what do I look for in a break, how you can change its vibe and so on.
Also talking about what makes a break, how they used to sound, how things started sounding later on in DNB, etc…just a break nerd lecturing for ya’ll.
I’ll also link you to the drum loop on Patreon.

This break has a very interesting tone, and it was used by Photek, too, so I thought it’s nice to check this one out.

Just trying to promote using and experimenting with breakbeats.
But let’s kick off the breaks series with this one.More will come, trust me!