[VIDEO] Ex Tempore Beatmaking Session #1

Ex tempore studio sesh #1 VIDEO is here!

I’ve been meaning to do these for a long time, and here, finally, is the first sesh.

I want to do one-hour sessions working on a beat in Ableton Live, mostly unprepared, just to see where it goes and to cover some of the techniques and plugins I use in my music production as well as mixing and mastering (see bottom of the post for a list of what’s included). Just doing whatever comes to mind and keeping it realistic!

The beat in this one sure isn’t trying to be *good music* (don’t judge my actual musical content prowess based on this, ha!) but there’s some of the basics of my music-making covered.

I’m super interested to hear how you feel about it – basically the content (not the musical content!) but the rest in general.

Hit me up, and please feel free to ask me Qs on Youtube, and also let me know what you’d like to see covered in some of the next videos.
Won’t always start from the beginning in order to not always go thru the same basics, of course.

I will soon start offering online tuition via Skype (already done a bit of it) as well as audio engineering consultation (engineering is my daily job already and I run my own company for that).

Ableton Live video course will be in the works real soon.

More about me: (with some decent music, actually!)
Contact for mixing/mastering:

This video includes (this is not a full list):
• breakchopping basics + Sampler
• Ableton Drum Buss
• swingy drum hits in hip hop
• limiter choice (AOM / Ozone)
• tuning a sample
• picking a bass sound
• creating a 3-band processing chain for bass
• sidechain compression
• quick plugin presets
• mono compatibility
• automation envelopes in Live
• kick/bass relationship
• kick beef
• tracks/master headroom
• envelope basics
• scenes in Live
• carving out low-mid resonances
• oeksound Soothe
• Izotope Ozone
• …and more!