In 2016, I happened to discuss with many musicians what could be filed under “success”, for lack of a better word, and I kept jotting down several notes about it throughout the year. The topic we always shared was along the lines of where we are now in terms of our music, are we doing well with it, where are we going next, have we ever thought of quitting, etc.
So, what’s a better way to start 2017 than writing down about those pointers and thoughts relating to “success”, hoping it’ll be a successful year to everybody.
I’m writing this in reference to music, as that’s what I do, but this could be applied to other creative fields as well.

I’m sure there are as many definitions of success as there are people, so I don’t consider mine to be “right” or the most correct by any means. I’d love to hear about yours.
The way I see it is based on having made music for 25 years so far (and not quitting yet, ha!) and observing what happens around me and to my “colleagues” in the process and how their thoughts regarding their craft shape as the years go by. Continue reading Success

Breaks & Beats Podcast #17

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The last podcast of the year is here!
Time to get all chilled out and relaxed on holidays, sip on that eggnog and blast those good beats and kick back.
I may have had a few sips of that good old nog before reccing the mix, so this one may have come out a bit loose, but hey, who gives a heck when it’s the holiday season?

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This is a collector’s item that probably won’t get remade.

Anyways…get a good drink, sit back, and enjoy!

TRACKLIST: Continue reading Breaks & Beats Podcast #17

Lightless presents: SDS – “Hallucinations” EP


Hallucinations EP by SDS is out now

I’m proud to present the music of SDS on Lightless. To me it’s fresh, because doing breaks in D&B is a bit of a lost art these days, and that’s what I set out to push with Lightless initially.
In SDS tunes, I can hear a bit of Danny Breaks, Paradox, Seba, Teebee, and a bit of Fanu, too.
Dark, dystopian, far out, far away. Drums are the backbone. SDS takes me back, but I can see and hear his eyes are on the future. We will be hearing more of this guy.

BUY THE EP AT Bandcamp / Digital Tunes / BeatportBoomkat / Juno Download / iTunes / Google Play and all major digital stores.


If you want to give yourself a refresher on Lightless back catalogue, take a look at Lightless Bandcamp page.

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