2020…phew! Recap time

Phewwww…what a year right? A year ago many of us said it’ll be the best century ever, not knowing what’d be ahead.

Well, one thing was sure: it was a pretty decent year for music! Producers spent a lot of time indoors, which also lead in me being nearly overbooked as a mixing and mastering engineer.

I put out a variety of stuff myself.
Below, you’ll find Bandcamp links to what came out in 2020. Continue reading 2020…phew! Recap time

PHEW! Taking Dec off of audio engineering

Phew, work year for me is now a wrap, and I’m not taking in any more mixes/masters for 2020 – feel free to send in, though, and you’re immediately in the queue.
Returning to action to work on the queue on Jan 4, 2021.

It was a CRAZY workyear. While Corona made some people lose their jobs, my workload increased, as producers spent more time indoors.
I’ve always worked a lot and been a bit of a workaholic, but Continue reading PHEW! Taking Dec off of audio engineering