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Keep the creative juices flowing and inspiration ignited…how?


Concentrating on your work – especially creative work that needs a bit of inspiration – seems to be the hot topic these days, but it’s that for a reason.
The modern man with all his contemporary digital distractions, let alone non-digital ones brought on by life, can get in the way of one’s creative process and gnaw on one’s inspiration.
This can stop the juices from flowing, and certain principles can be of help.

Here’s a few ideas on how I keep the production going. These are about making music but I can’t see why this couldn’t be applied to any creative work. Continue reading Keep the creative juices flowing and inspiration ignited…how?

On productivity


There’s been some notes for a blog post on my notepad for a while, but I just haven’t found the right time to do it. Today, I was so inspired by some tweets as well as blog posts by friends Andrew Apanov and Resound (who always have some grrrreat stuff to say regarding productivity, productions, promotion, and all that sort biz and keeping it all zen and stuff) that I felt it’s time to get busy with a bit of bloggery.

These are thoughts relating to productivity. In my case it’s mostly about music, but Continue reading On productivity

On inspiration


Having made music for 20 years, I’ve learned to not stress about it when you feel like you’ve lost your inspiration.
Give it some time, and it will come to you – but looking for it and spending energy on it doesn’t help very often.
Leave your place of work/art, take a walk, and most importantly, do something relaxing that frees your mind from any sort of obsessive thinking.
That will give your consciousness space, which in turn gives your ideas energy, and you’ll be back on track again.
Just don’t force it.

On getting that work done!

A notebook is your friend!

As I was pretty happy with how my last production-related blog post came out and how nicely it was received, I started feeling that I might make a new one, and I’ve been making notes on my notebook for a while.
So, let’s put those notes into a blog post.

I’d like to share a bit of my philosophy behind getting music done.
It’s easy to do a technical tutorial on how to perform something with a sequencer, but it’s different telling people something that has to do with the mental side of things rather than technical.

All these points are something that I often have to remind myself about and I’ve found that it works. Being a freelancer, I often have a gazillion things on the go and sometimes it’s tricky trying to focus on actually giving making music what it requires if you really want to get something done instead of browsing social media, doing emails, catching up with latest news, etc.

Let me start cutting to the chase here. Continue reading On getting that work done!