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[VIDEO] About mixing + mastering + documentation service

A few words about my new service: mixing and mastering a song and documenting the process.

I do also “just” mix and master without documenting it on the regular. See info on my mixing and mastering services here.

• mastering: €45 per song
• mixing + mastering from tracks: €45 hourly rate
• mix + master+ document: €50 hourly rate (The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the whole process is made).

“Stages” remix stems

I happened to upload the stems for “Stages” for a friend.
After doing that, I thought, why not let anyone have a go at it.
So, if you wish to download the stems, find them here.
They’ll be up for 7 days.

If you’re not familiar with the song, you can hear it here.

I’d be interested in what you can come up with!

(PS: Sorry if the stems are a bit messy; I’m sure you can chop out some useful sounds and get wild, though!
PPS: If some tracks hit red a little, the reason is they were part of a group, and the group fader takes the level down a little)

TSW vinyl campaign: success

We did it.
There’s now 100 orders for The Silent Watcher vinyl. This means it will happen. Massive thanks to everybody who has placed an order.
We’ll be entering production soon.

If you didn’t get to place an order yet, don’t worry: there’s a few days left, and you can place an order here … after that it’s over.

I’m super stoked about this, and will be making more vinyl this way with Diggers Factory for sure.


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