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Current audio engineering rates

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PRICING/INFO [updated July 2018]

 mastering: €45 per song. Includes digital masters – vinyl masters and Spotify versions on request for no extra charge. 
mixing + mastering  from individual tracks / stem mastering:
€50 hourly rate (email for a quote; most songs are done in approx. 1.5–3 hours.
master + video: €90. Digital “attended mastering”. Song is mastered + an explanatory video documenting the process is made. Song is compared to strong references. Any possible shortcomings of the mix are pointed out.
mix + master + video: €55 hourly rate – minimum charge €100. The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the process is made.
general audio engineering / consultation / audio restoration: €40 hourly rate (Skype/email)
feedback on a mix (no mixing/mastering): €30 EUR 

BATCH DISCOUNTS APPLY – contact for a quote.
Masters for vinyl provided on request.
Spotify loudness versions provided on request.
If you are in EU, VAT is added to the price.

[VIDEO] Compressing samples – compression basics

I was recording some samples off records as always and wanted to compress some louder passages before chopping things.
Wanted to do a video of that. So what I’m doing is I’m giving some (slowish) compression to a loud section in the audio whose level I want to bring down.
I also do a real quick aggressive, quick, peak-based compression at the end to squash a pop at the end.

Compressor plugin used: Tokyo Dawn Kotelnikov.

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