[video] RX8 by Izotope vs Neural Mix Pro by Algoriddim for sample isolation

I’m a nerd that makes his living doing audio engineering, and technological advancements such as isolating parts of music/audio fascinate me highly.

I also love making sample-based music, so being able to strip out and isolate some elements in audio interests me.

Hence, let’s take a look at and compare two music apps that can isolate musical elements:
RX8 by Izotope vs Neural Mix Pro by Algoriddim.

How do these compare, and what are their pros and cons?

Reference songs for producing/mixing/mastering

As a mixing and mastering engineer, I’m often asked about good reference songs, so I did a FREE post on my Patreon listing some refs I use often with some most popular genres (DNB, house, hip hop, trap, techno):

Later this month I’ll be doing two EXCLUSIVE videos:
1) how to reference efficiently and
2) how to set up your own mastering project in your DAW.

So if this is something that interests you, sign up to my Patreon.

Remix for Make Or Break

A new remix is out. Hope you like “old Fanu style” chopped-up jungle.
I was happy to put my remix hat on and remix a tune from the new EP on a new UK label, Make Or Break.
Remixed a tune by Sekl, another breakbeat-minded junglist soldier.

In addition to my “main remix”, I also did another, alt version.
See the players above.

Find out about dem goodies thru M.O.B. Bandcamp.

41 tips and thoughts from a 41-year-old me

It was my 41st birthday on March 21, so I wrote an article, “41 tips and thoughts from a 41-year-old Fanu” on my Patreon.

I’ll include below SIX thoughts/tips from that article. Should you want to read the rest (35 tips/thoughts more), you can, for a whopping 2 EUR tier price, so follow the link above to go to my Patreon.

It’s all relating to being an artist, freelancer, running your biz etc. and I’ll give you some tips. Continue reading 41 tips and thoughts from a 41-year-old me