Fanu’s Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 1


I love coffee. And, let me admit I love beats, too.

What coffee and beats have in common, in my case, is that I can’t go one day without a good dose of them.
I do have a healthy addiction to caffeine, and I’m a beat junkie – I need that shit.
I have inside of me a huge, burning passion for music with dope beats.
Whatever genre, I don’t care – if the beats are fat and kind of dirty, I’m gonna love it.
And I need my fix every single day. And now I want to get you hooked, too. Continue reading Fanu’s Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 1

“Breakbeat Brew” EP is out


(art by Lonekink)

Hell + yeah.
F00k + yeah.
Fuxx + yeah.
(you get the idea!)

My second EP for 2012 is out.
If you wish to go listen to it right away (and maybe even buy it if you’re into it), steer your funky web ship to the Bandcamp page.

On getting that work done!

A notebook is your friend!

As I was pretty happy with how my last production-related blog post came out and how nicely it was received, I started feeling that I might make a new one, and I’ve been making notes on my notebook for a while.
So, let’s put those notes into a blog post.

I’d like to share a bit of my philosophy behind getting music done.
It’s easy to do a technical tutorial on how to perform something with a sequencer, but it’s different telling people something that has to do with the mental side of things rather than technical.

All these points are something that I often have to remind myself about and I’ve found that it works. Being a freelancer, I often have a gazillion things on the go and sometimes it’s tricky trying to focus on actually giving making music what it requires if you really want to get something done instead of browsing social media, doing emails, catching up with latest news, etc.

Let me start cutting to the chase here. Continue reading On getting that work done!