Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 5


Yes, I know, this is looooong overdue: a new episode of my Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast – now reaching episode 5. It’s downloadable of course, as always – just follow the link to Soundcloud. You can also listen get it or subscribe via iTunes.

The main theme for this one is music by great, talented guys you probably haven’t heard that much of. Being a DJ, I’m in a privileged position, since I constantly get sent music by both established artists and labels as well as those who haven’t released much music or/and who are spending their first years with music production. It’s often in the music of artists (if you keep making art and love it, you’re an artist in my book…I don’t measure success) who haven’t been making music for very long where you hear something very fresh, something you probably haven’t heard very many times before. Something non-formulaic, something creative and ground-breaking, something you’d like to hear more of.

This mix is a thank-you: it’s decicated to those guys, those artists whose music I’ve been digging recently, who deserve to get heard, and whose music has a lot of fresh ideas. I have actually mastered some of the tunes in the mix, too, which was my pleasure.
This isn’t a mix that’s supposed to explode the dancefloor (in your living-room), but, rather, it’s one that will hopefully provide you with those “Ah, that sounds so fresh!” moments the tunes in it have given me. And it’s those moments that keep fueling the musical ecosystem: they inspire other artists as well as give the listeners moments of enjoyment and new artists to look out for. Music’s always alive, and I think this music – D&B, bass music, whatever you want to call it – is more alive than ever before.

BTW, I actually added the relevant Soundcloud links to all artists I could find on Soundcloud, so peep the set there to follow the artists if you wish.

I plan to keep more busy and frequent with my Breaks ‘n’ Beats podcast, and, as it often goes, focusing on one thing means you may have to drop something, and as of this month, I will no longer be doing a show on Bassoradio. This decision is 100 percent my own, there’s not a single negative thing behind it, and I’m very grateful to Bassoradio for the nearly three years I spent doing shows there. It’s just that I feel more relevant doing these mixes in my own studio environment, for I feel the audience has always been mostly international.

Also, as always, I’m taking bookings to play bass music for the crowds: email for that sort of action, or give the local promoter a nudge.

Without further ado…I’ll let you enjoy the mix. Any feedback is welcome!


Mana – Hunger For Everything
Pixelord – Oasis [Recue remix] (forthcoming)
Graphs – Posthuman (forthcoming)
Desto – Aquarius Circles (dub)
Esgar – Starscream (IZWID)
Desto – Don’t Lose Yourself (dub)
Fishstix – Bassline (dub)
Nonfuture – Too Bad
Coleco – The Physical (Inflect)
Recue x Jolea – Knives Are Falling [Fanu remix] (forthcoming)
Fishstix – Blown Away (Philthrax)
Fishstix – Hyperthrusters (dub)
ReTurn – Essence Of Corfe
b00 – Mangonel (dub)
Fada – Brushes (Pinecone Moonshine)
Bunzero – The Good MC Is Gone (dub)
Coleco – Induction (Inflect)
Machine Girl – Ghost [Nonfuture remix]
Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked [Deft remix]
Sonis – Killah Sound (dub)
Danny Scrilla – Singularity (free download)
Mendelayev – New Tribe
Clearance – Scurvy Crew (dub)
Philliez – Subcaste (Dynamic Funk Recs)
DLX – Stellar Funk (dub)
Anonymous – Murot On Loppu (dub)
Thing – Vaibla (
Wish – Moonlit Detour (dub)