Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 3


Well, heck, here it is: B&B Podcast # 3.

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Phew, that was a ride: before I started, I fueled myself with some coffee sent to me by a kind fan. Maybe that caused it, but this mix was a bit of a wild ride, and I took more chances than usually when recording (I think this was a good thing) and maybe it can be heard. Hah.

Here’s the little intro words to each track, as usual.

1. Greenleaf – Caliope (dub)
I love Greenleaf’s stuff. It’s just like him – open, honest, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.
He’s the best dude ever, hailing from NOLA, and he’s got THE most contagious laughter ever.

2. DJ Krush and Roni Size – Tribetoon (Mo Wax)
I was going thru some of my hiphop vinyl last night, and I realized this badass of a tune was on the flipside of a nice Krush + Shadow 12″ on MoWax.
Shit’s pretty dope. Definitely sounds like the “good old days”, doesn’t it?

3. DJ Trax – Route 96 (Audio Buffet)
Trax showing what it’s all about. He put out an EP recently, and all of the tracks on it are dope, and some of it is on the downbeat tip.
If you’ve ever had the chance to witness DJ Trax do a DJ set, you know he’s the bee’s knees. Dude’s been doing it longer than most.
He knows the soulful stuff for real. He’s a resident at Ichinone, a pretty long-running event in Amsterdam, so if you ever get the chance to go to an Ichione event, do it!

4. Stranjah – Changeling (Architecture Recs.)
This is dope a cut from Stranjah’s recently released “Visionz Of A Future” album that was released on Architecture. Do not sleep on it! Go check it out now and support a real artist.
It’s kind of sad that dope shit – like the this album – goes under the radar a little too easily in the dnb world these days. Well, that’s one reason why I’m doing these podcasts, you know, so now you know and go bag it.

5. Blocks+Escher+Loxy+Resound – Monsters (Narratives Music)
I want to quote Organic Beats here: “With this many individuals contributing to a track, there is always one key question; Who’s job was it to make the tea?” All of the guys on this one are absolute badasses – and so is this track. Narrative Music has definitely been coming up with gems that won’t age. This is a timeless piece, and one of those tracks that you can mix to anything and take your set anywhere from there. Gotta love it.

6. Fracture & Neptune – Ice Planet (Astrophonica)
An oldie goldie! Reminds me of the era around maybe 2004-2007 when certain producers were absolutely crazy about chopping breaks and old samples. We used to swap breaks on the net and do so much break-digging and make tunes out of those. The word “choppage” was coined around that time. I miss those days! This is a prime cut from that era.
This was first released on Outsider, and later on on F+N’s “Retrospect” album.

7. Fanu – Awake (free download)
I recently gave out this one; I lost the hard drive where I had saved this one. I had, fortunately, made a preliminary recording at some point, and that was somehow useful.
Read more on the blog.

8. Stranjah – Amen Fury (Architecture Recs.)
See point 4 above!

9. Ulterior Motive – Lost Contact (Metalheadz)
This one definitely deserves to be on Headz. Wouldn’t fit that well anywhere else. This one’s definitely a dancefloor cut with an edge, and I love it how it’s not too heavy but there’s some certain grime to it (and no, hell no, I’m not talking about the genre).

10. Alpha Omega – Decade 303 (Thermal)
I recently heard from mr. Colin Lindo that his Alpha Omega productions aren’t happening anymore; fear not, for he’s still making music as Nubian Mindz, and for those of you who don’t know I’ll say he’s been doing music as NM for a long time. This track is one of a kind. I love how it gets all 4/4 and then breaks into a proper breakbeat frenzy. BOH. A gem from a label not active anymore.

11. Alpha Omega – Don’t Believe (Reinforced)
To honor Alpha Omega’s career, I wanted to drop another one of his possibly forgotten diamonds. This one is sick. One of those that fall in the category of “If this don’t get the crowd moving, I’ll go home”.
And, just as said above: a gem from a label not active anymore.

12. Squarepusher – 4001 [Abstract Elements Remix] (free download)
Abstract Elements are giving this remix of the Squarepusher track out on their FB page. Go get it! Don’t come back until you have it!
Felt like dropping this one after the breakbeat massacre for a little variety; I’ve always thought that interesting DJs do just that to keep their sets lively.
A track you can mix into anything and take your set to any direction after this one.

13. Fre4knc – Follow (
Bertran Fre4knc has been on fire recently. No, I don’t mean he’s been burning. He’s been ruling. His recent release on Samurai Music was the shizz! He’s a very prolific producer who’s putting in a lot of work, and he’s been active in organizing events in Groningen for a good while. One of the nicest dudes I’ve met. A true gentleman and a killer DJ with good taste.

14. Earl Grey – Winter Symptoms (free download)
I shared this on my FB page recently and was delighted to see how many people were loving it. Had to slip it in into the mix. This is gold. I’ll say no more.
Download it on Earl Grey’s Soundcloud page and play it. Loud. In the middle of the night. For your neighbors. And enjoy life.

15. Andyskopes – True Human Emotion (Utopia Music)
I recently received the promo of this in my inbox and read the words “I keep hearing that real jungle is coming back?” as well as “Delicious chopped breaks and those booming subs of the 90’s” so you know I was interested.
I suppose this will be coming out on Utopia Music soon so you know which way you’ll be slinging those dollars of yours!

16. NCQL – Thinking About What Im Not (Inperspective)
Coming out soon on Inperspective, one of the labels that was and is heavily pushing the “choppage” sound, run by Chris Inperspective, another absolutely killer DJ and a nice guy – and a good cook! Dude’s cookin’ up beats in his lab, cookin’ mean BBQ to his friends in his backyard, and cookin’ some gems on his label. FRESH!

17. Fanu – Rendlesham (Subtitles)
Here’s a tune by yours truly that pays homage to Photek’s “golden era” beats. A nudge towards his track “UFO”. And, no, I definitely didn’t sample anything from his track.
This one will be coming out on a compilation called “Sine Language” on Subtitles in late September.

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Now, enjoy the beats!