Ableton tips: drum rack basics

I’d like to become an Ableton Live trainer one day.
That’s why I wanted to start by making a few instructional videos on some of the Live basics.
Here’s a few on some drum basics.

I hope you find them useful.
Feel free to share them.
I’m planning to make more in the near future.
All kind of feedback is more than welcome.

The first one is about dropping samples on drum rack and then using its sample select function to switch drumsounds on the go.
Hope ya dig!

This one’s on the drum slicing basics.
I get asked about this a lot, and it’s super duper simple, to be honest.

This video shows how to create a customized slicing preset to meet your needs.

Here, we take a quick and easy approach to mapping a parameter of several samples in a drum rack to one single macro knob with just a few clicks.