Lush oldskool DNB style pad with Serum in 15 seconds

[sorry for the distorted sound – that’s Instagram messing it up, not me!]
• Select an oscillator; here I’m going for “Mellow But Instable” of the analog ones
• crank up the unison up to 16
• lessen the unison detune amount so it doesn’t sound too out of tune
• add reverb from FX
• set the stack from Global settings to 12+7(1x); this means that every 2nd unison voice will play up an octave (0, +12, 0, +12, 0 +12, etc), and a fifth is also used in the layering of sounds, so you’ll get a really rich sound
• adjust filter to taste
• play a chord (C2–D#2–G2 heard here)

There you go!