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Free mixing guide going strong

The free mixing guide I wrote for CloudBounce a few months ago has been downloaded almost 7K times by now.
If you have missed it, get it here. You only need to create a CB account to download the 53-page book where I’m listing tons of tips I use in my engineering work.
I also mention many plugins I use and say how I use them.
This guide was written based on mixing and mastering a hip hop album, but the techniques listed in the guide can be applied to any style and genre of music.

Thought of the day: audio engineers

Audio engineers are the unsung heroes of music industry.
A lot of your favorite music sounds like it does thanks to a a good audio engineer: crisp, warm, balanced, hard-hitting…
It’s often the engineer who does the final adjustments for the sound and guides the producer in the right direction, also teaching him in the process.
I recently praised one of my favorite hip-hop producer’s music for its good punch and clarity, and he immediately turned my praise to the right direction, listing to me his trusted engineers.
A good audio engineer who understands your sound and vision is worth his weight in gold. There are tons of engineers out there, but you cannot always buy the proper understanding of specific styles of music with money – it either is there or it is not. There’s so many guys who are willing to charge you a fair amount of money but who may not necessarily understand your sound fully. Always go for an engineer whose background tells you the right story.
Even though there are lots of engineers to choose from – ranging from cheap newbies to impressingly expensive veterans – those who nail it exactly for you are hard to find, so if you find an engineer that gets your sound exactly where you want it to be, cherish that relationship.
I specialize mostly in bass music and hip hop and related styles. Should you need treatment for those, get in touch.