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Sub bass tip

One tip relating to bassline / sub content in bass music.
You should be able to hum or sing the melody of it, ideally.

What do I mean by this? Every now and then I receive songs for mastering that have a really messy low end – boxy, rumbly, undefined – and it’s genuinely hard to tell what the sub is doing or hear it properly.
Sometimes it’s because the sub o Continue reading Sub bass tip

SP1200izer effect rack for Ableton Live

I did an “SP1200izer” audio effect rack for Ableton Live.
How did I do it? I sampled two drumloops into my SP 1200 and back, and then put those on an audio track in Live and decided to try and make the original versions sound as close to the SP 1200 versions as possible. The result is this audio effect rack for Ableton Live.


I didn’t test it with any “music” or melodic material, but Continue reading SP1200izer effect rack for Ableton Live

[Video] Short Studio Masterclass part 2

Fanu’s Short Studio Masterclass episode 2 is out today!

The topics in this episode:
1. Keymapping tracks with variations of a sound
2. Using an extra kick to give a beat more oomph – and making room for it
3. Making sure a heavy kick and sub bass are not clashing
4. Ensuring/fixing mono compatibility
5. EQ sweeps on master to cut resonances
6. Bass music sub level tip
7. Tools for controlling sub

I really hope you find some of this useful.
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