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Fanu: “Valoton Project” vinyl album preorder

Fanu: “Valoton Project” – new album out on June 15 on Lightless Recordings.

Soundcloud preview
(NB: Songs fade in/out and are not complete songs)

You can *only* get the vinyl from that link; this is another Diggers Factory project (two records done with them successfully). Everyone ordering the record will be sent the digital files on release day.

This album is breaky, but slower tempo than you might expect.
It also has some beatless tracks in the end; that’s another path I want to explore.
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Beat: “SP-12 is alive”

Also on Soundcloud.
Repaired an SP-12 (new faders, battery, and screen), which wrecked my nerves over a few days. Once I made it all work, I made this beat to celebrate the occasion.
I did the basic loop (drums, bass, main sample) with the SP-12, then tracked it to Ableton Live and mixed and arranged it there.

New Fanu track out: “Machinedrummachine”

Find it at Defrostatica Bandcamp and many record stores online.

New release: Octatrack 2-tracker

Happy to let you know I’ve been working on a lot of music since my last album. Got two full-lengths done, but before those, here’s a snack.
These are the first two tracks I did with the Elektron Octatrack sampler. D&B.

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• MEADOWHILL MELODY was inspired by Lemon D’s ” Continue reading New release: Octatrack 2-tracker