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“Biscuits and Breakbeats” EP out


Not one to collabo much, I teamed up with UK-based producer Larson Whiled to
1) discuss the importance of good tea in studio,
2) talk about the importance of good biscuits,
3) praise Luke Vibert’s discography,
4) get epic Bitwig collabos going, and
5) make some bassy breakbeat music as the result.

It’s recommended that this EP be consumed while consuming your favorite tea (or coffee, as, I won’t lie, this EP took tons of that, too!) and biscuits.

Old Tracker Stuff out now

BANDCAMP | SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC  |  SOUNDCLOUD  |  TIDAL …and it’s on every platform imaginable, so just take a look

Time goes by fast when you’re doing fun things like making music.

This year, I’m happy (or just shocked) to say I’ve been making music for 30 years (started in 1992 with Octamed & Amiga).
One thing I’ll celebrate that with is releasing some of the oldest Fanu songs that still exist: all these were made in ’97’/’98.

So meet Old Tracker Stuff EP.

(Thanks to the then early internet, these were saved to the web as .xm tracker files)

These are from what still were quite formative years to me. I was trying to find out what I wanted to make, and I guess these already show were I was going. Continue reading Old Tracker Stuff out now

All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11

The time has come once again to make a potpourri of my productions.

Every time I make a new one, it’s a small proud moment of still being able to make music that I can stand behind – it’s now been three decades since I started, and it’s not always easy!

⛔️WARNING: if you’re allergic to 160-170 BPM breakbeat music, do NOT listen ⛔️ Continue reading All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11