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B&B Podcast #20

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Seppa – Yaow (Slug Wife)
Dead Man’s Chest – Hangman Posse (Western Lore)
Danny Scrilla – All Thumbs (AMAR)
Touchy Subject – Free (Rua Sound)
Earl Grey – Winter Symptoms
Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla – Frolic In Brine (Cosmic Bridge)
Dillinja – Humanity (Deep Jungle)
Enjoy – Off Duty Funk (Bustle Beats)
Fracture – Back Up In This (Astrophonica)
Klute – Blitz (Certificate 18)
Alix Perez – The Raven (1985)
AMIT – Acid Trip [Half Step VIP]
SDS – False Hope (dub)
Seba – External reality (Om Unit remix)
Dom & Xanadu – Ultraviolet


DJ bookings:

We’re heading towards the darker time of the year, and that sure as heck can be felt and heard.
Put together a fairly deep and dark mix of very breaky tunes.
NOTE: Do NOT listen if you’re allergic to breaks, as the breaks content here is HIGH!

100% drum and bass power and you know it.

Fanu – Stages (Lightless)
Dj Krust – Flip It (Dom & Roland Productions)
Mister Shifter – Roll Like Thunder (dub)
Reso – Kodama (RX0)
Seba & Jr Vallo – -15 (Secret Operations dub)
SDS – Black Dahlia (dub)
Ilk – Future (dub)
Homemade Weapons – Clarion Call (Samurai Music)
J Majik – Your Sound (SB81 Remix) (Metalheadz)
Andy Skopes – Let Go (Metalheadz)
Detboi – Secret Venom (Metalheadz)
Mister Shifter  – Dreada (dub)
Fanu – Meadowhill Melody (Lightless)



Breaks & Beats Podcast is back from a six-month hiatus!
Episode 18 for your pleasure.

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Esthero – Breath From Another (Talvin Singh Hyperjam Edit #2)
Kabuki – South Bronx Subway Riddim (Defrostatica)
TMSV – Junglis (Perfect Records)
John Rolodex – Until the Sky Takes Me [dub]
Scape – Shinigami remix [dub]
Sonar’s Ghost – Soundless Fusion
TMSV – Sound System (Rua Sound)
6blocc & Shamanga & Calculon – Make It Ghetto (Defrostatica dub)
Digital – Lower Depths (Photek Productions)
Infader – Gateway Shuffle (117)
Infader – Lifelike (117)
J Majik – Your Sound [SB81 Remix] (Razors Edge)
Pixl & Samurai Breaks – Night Terrors
Samurai Breaks – Run (Halogen Music)
DJ Trax – This Station (Tempo)
Andy Skopes – Who Are You (Inperspective)
Mister Shifter – The Reach (dub)
Fanu – Agenda (Lightless)

Breaks & Beats Podcast #17

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The last podcast of the year is here!
Time to get all chilled out and relaxed on holidays, sip on that eggnog and blast those good beats and kick back.
I may have had a few sips of that good old nog before reccing the mix, so this one may have come out a bit loose, but hey, who gives a heck when it’s the holiday season?

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This is a collector’s item that probably won’t get remade.

Anyways…get a good drink, sit back, and enjoy!

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1. Tehbis x Touchy Subject – 1988 (Astrophonica dub)
2. Crypticz & Itoa – MTD (31 Records)
3. Shades – Hypeflex
4. DJ Madd – Peng Teng [Moresounds remix dub]
5. Ilk & Etch – My Soul (Halogen Music)
6. TMSV – Torpedo Riddim (Cosmic Bridge)
7. Afia – F*ck [Fanu remix] (Halogen Music)
8. Alix Perez & Skeptical – Room 667 (1985)
9. Dissident – Thelema [Alpha Cutauri dub]
10.The Weeknd – King Of The Fall [Fracture remix]
11. Kiat – Procession (Defrostatica)
12. Paragon & Gremlinz – Frost (31 Records)
13. SDS – Consciousness (Lightless Recordings dub)
14. Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer [Om Unit remix] (Metalheadz dub)
15. Dom & Roland – Natural Selection (Dom & Roland)
16. Ink & Gremlinz – The Light (Tempo Records dub)
17. Fanu – The Fall (Lightless Recordings dub)


The podcast series serving you the freshest in the world of breaks and beats driven drum and bass is here with June 2016 episode, which is #15 in the series.
Plenty of dubs and contemporary bass music freshness from the contemporary heavy hitters. It’s all about the various flavors of jungle, drum and bass, footwork, and related styles.
DJ bookings:
(art by Ingrid)

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