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Breaks & Beats Podcast #12


Here’s the latest episode of B&B Podcast.

A few clarifying words about DJing by yours truly. When I announced the end of musical productions as Fanu, it seemed to confuse some people. To make it as brief and simple as possible:
I will continue to DJ as Fanu, as explained before. Still love D&B to death – will always play it.

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Breaks & Beats Podcast #11



I went lighter on the breaks this time, reason being the new Fanu album is dropping soon, which will most definitely make listeners overdose on drums and breaks for a while. Plenty of dubs here from dope artists and labels: Fracture, Astrophonica, Cosmic Bridge, Etch, Moresounds, etc…so this one will provide you with a lot of something you haven’t heard yet. Also has two forthcoming Lightless things. Keep your eye out on all those, as all the unreleased tunes will be dropping soonish.

Fanu – Bad Dreams [Coleco remix] (Lightless)
Danny Scrilla – Riddim (Cosmic Bridge dub)
Etch – Back On The Planet (dub)
Etch / Big L – All Black [Etch reshade] (dub)
Sully – Crystal Cuts (Astrophonica dub)
DJ Madd – Duppy (Cosmic Bridge)
Overlook – Distant Blues (31 Records)
ReDraft x HP. Ritch – Champion Killa (dub)
Moresounds – Etho (31 Records)
Sam Binga – I Tol U (Critical)
J:Kenzo – Rum Punch (31 Records)
Overlook – Gumshoe (Rupture)
Seba – Jungle Music (Secret Operations dub)
SDS – Shadow People (Lightless dub)
Fre4knc – Rotor (Critical)
SDS – Andromeda (Machinist Music)
Moresounds – What A Party (Cosmic Bridge dub)
Module Eight – OK With That (Exit)
Neuropol & Om Unit – The Rise (Cosmic Bridge dub)
Alix Perez – Losing You (Exit)
Fracture – Remember The Time feat. Lucie La Mode (Astrophonica dub)
Fanu – Winterlude feat. Sarah Kivi (Lightless dub)

Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 8


Here we go! A new episode of B&B podcast.
A fairly colourful mixture of moods and vibes, going from one to another in a heartbeat, just like I like to do, mixing it all up.
It’s mostly new music, some dubs in there, and I’m wrapping it up with a Lightless dub from Moresounds
Had a good caffeine rush on when I started so I had to down a beer in the middle of the set to calm down a bit (I recommend you enjoy bass music with coffee or beer, or both).

What do you think of the artwork? I’m pretty hyped. Done by Ingrid. That bear may have to watch those nails, though.

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