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New release: Octatrack 2-tracker

Happy to let you know I’ve been working on a lot of music since my last album. Got two full-lengths done, but before those, here’s a snack.
These are the first two tracks I did with the Elektron Octatrack sampler. D&B.

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“The Silent Watcher” out now

My new album ”The Silent Watcher” is out today.

It’s an aging junglist’s take on D&B / bass music. Today is my 37th birthday and the only way I’m celebrating it is by releasing this album.
I’m allowing you to pay what you want for it; I don’t even know what people should be charged for music these days. Zero is a valid price, too, if you can’t afford anything, but in that case I’d kindly ask you to share it – if you like it, that is.
It’s also out via all typical outlets and streaming services.

BANDCAMP (name your price):
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