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Beat: “SP-12 is alive”

Also on Soundcloud.
Repaired an SP-12 (new faders, battery, and screen), which wrecked my nerves over a few days. Once I made it all work, I made this beat to celebrate the occasion.
I did the basic loop (drums, bass, main sample) with the SP-12, then tracked it to Ableton Live and mixed and arranged it there.

New Fanu track out: “Machinedrummachine”

Find it at Defrostatica Bandcamp and many record stores online.

New release: Octatrack 2-tracker

Happy to let you know I’ve been working on a lot of music since my last album. Got two full-lengths done, but before those, here’s a snack.
These are the first two tracks I did with the Elektron Octatrack sampler. D&B.

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• MEADOWHILL MELODY was inspired by Lemon D’s ” Continue reading New release: Octatrack 2-tracker