“Breakbeat Brew” EP is out


(art by Lonekink)

Hell + yeah.
F00k + yeah.
Fuxx + yeah.
(you get the idea!)

My second EP for 2012 is out.
If you wish to go listen to it right away (and maybe even buy it if you’re into it), steer your funky web ship to the Bandcamp page.

On getting that work done!

A notebook is your friend!

As I was pretty happy with how my last production-related blog post came out and how nicely it was received, I started feeling that I might make a new one, and I’ve been making notes on my notebook for a while.
So, let’s put those notes into a blog post.

I’d like to share a bit of my philosophy behind getting music done.
It’s easy to do a technical tutorial on how to perform something with a sequencer, but it’s different telling people something that has to do with the mental side of things rather than technical.

All these points are something that I often have to remind myself about and I’ve found that it works. Being a freelancer, I often have a gazillion things on the go and sometimes it’s tricky trying to focus on actually giving making music what it requires if you really want to get something done instead of browsing social media, doing emails, catching up with latest news, etc.

Let me start cutting to the chase here. Continue reading On getting that work done!

On patience, hard work, and being an artist

The truth

I haven’t written anything not relating to my own music on the blog for a while so let’s get the bloggery blabbery mode on for a change.

I felt like writing down a few words relating to hard work, patience, and being an artist.
I suddenly felt an urge to write after giving some advice to aspiring producers as well as having some conversations with some budding artists in addition to some older music heads whose faith seems to get tested every now and then.
And, yes, my own faith does get tested occasionally, too, so maybe I can refer to this post the next time I feel that times are tough for me.

The questions that many artists seem to be face periodically are “Is it worth it?”
There’s also the “Will I make it?”
I’ve found myself asking myself those questions a few times, too.
Then there’s also the old classic “I’ve been making music for x–3 years, I’ve sent demos out and I still haven’t gotten any releases out, so should I quit?”

Let me tell you how I see this and throw in my 2c that comes from my own experience.

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Coffee Crazy EP

This EP is a “pay-what-you-want” type of release, which I haven’t done before, and I’m curious to find out how it’ll do.
I’m not saying it’s a “please-don’t-pay-me-anything” type of release, but you’re not obliged to pay anything: you’re free to download it, of course.
Also, as some people who downloaded the free albums said “I gladly would’ve paid you for these free albums” when I gave them out, now is your chance.
However, if you don’t find the EP good enough or if you’re a bit low on the cashmunny, hey, no blaming fingers will be pointed at anyone.
But share the music at least, please.

To get the EP, surf your funky web ship to Bandcamp.

Also, if you wish, grab a coffee-themed Lightless desktop picture pack by clicking here; it’s done by the ever-so-amazing Mark Tarnashinsky.